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The video player for movie and TV show lovers

How it works?

1. Install Squire on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Download and enjoy the maximum portability and an incredible interface. Also, it’s free!

2. Connect your accounts

Link your accounts from Plex, Put.io, etc.

3. Browse and install your streams

Browser from your iPhone among the best channels from the Internet or create your own with Squire Stream Editor.

4. Install Squire Helper in your Mac  (optional)

Install Squire Helper in your Mac and turn it into a powerful multimedia server. (Download).

Squire Helper

It’s an always-running menu bar app. The brain where all the local video files or installed streams are processed and sent to the clients. And it's free

Manage and keep your library updated

View your local library, identify content or fix missmatches. Your library and streams are automatically up to date and ready to stream


* Requires OS 10.9+ and 64 bits CPU

And enjoy!


Find and download subtitles automatically

Plex support

You have Plex library, enjoy it in Squire


Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Metascore…


The best trailer in your language


Add shows to following or movies to watch later


Discover other shows and movies to watch


All the info about director, actors and actress

Cloud Service Integrations

Put.io support and more services soon

Behind the scenes

Extra movie and TV show contents


Latest movie news, teasers and trailers

Push notifications

Stay tuned about your movies and shows


Coming Soon

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