A beautiful way to enjoy your media

Add your movies and tv shows files, let our helper organise everything and enjoy your media in fullscreen.

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Simple, quick and native

From the very first start of Squire you can feel that is amazingly fast, incredible optimised and super light. Using Apple’s latests technologies we provide a super smooth experience.

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Proprietary database

We provide our users with our database, which give us the power to create a lighting fast and optimised communication between Helper and server. It also enable us to offer many services in the future.

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squire helper icon

Squire Helper

It’s the brain of Squire. It will recognise all your content, keep your library updated and much more. And it’s free.

Your content

Take a look at your added movies and TV Shows in a beautiful way. Quickly manage your library and keep it automatically updated.

Opensubtitle integration

For every content you watch, we ask Opensubtitles.org API if there’s subtitles available. You can enable your preferred languages in preferences.

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Apple remote support

In case your Mac supports it, you can press “Menu” key from your Apple remote and directly open Squire right from your sofa.

Resume functionality

Squire offers a Resume option for your unfinished contents. Just hit play again and it will ask if you want to resume or play from the beginning.