New Squire for your new Apple TV

Enjoying Squire in your big screen has never been so easy.

Find it on the App Store

Get Squire for your Apple TV by searching on the App Store. Just write “Squire” in the search field and look for our logo.

All the beauty, in the big screen

Squire takes advantage of the power provided by the new Apple TV and the big screen in your living room to create a totally immersive, absolutely beautiful experience. We’re still providing the easiness of use our customers love so much by taking advantage of the possibilities offered with the new Apple Remote.

The perfect stage for your movies

Easily select the movie you want to watch. You don't have time to watch it right now? Add it to your “Watch Later” queue. Enjoy the access to information about cast, making of, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB scores etc.

The perfect control for your shows

Browsing shows on your TV has never been so easy and simple. Mark your favorite shows as “Followed”, the episodes you’ve seen and the ones to be seen. Learn about broadcast dates for upcoming episodes, how many there are left for season finale or their ratings at Rotten Tomatoes.

All the details

Now you can browse movies, look up ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, know more about your favorite actors and gather basic recommendations of similar movies and TV shows. We have invested a lot of time in offering all these new features while maintaining the clean simplicity that Squire is renowned for.

And more…

Filters and Sort


Your movie or show collection is huge? Using emotional filters you can, for example, watch only the movies that will make you laugh or the ones suitable to enjoy with your family. The perfect aid to choose what to watch today.

If you’re looking for a particular movie or show just search and find. Type the title and the artwork will magically appear in your screen.

Automatic subtitle fetching


Squire uses public subtitle services to fetch the ones suitable for your content. Choose from more than 30 languages supported.

The best way to learn about movies is watching trailers, so you can browse them before deciding what’s next.

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